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FX International Payments

Watch how FXIP can help you manage foreign currency payments View Transcript

In Action

Watch our demo to see how FX International Payments can help you manage foreign currency payments.

American Express® FX International Payments can offer you a smart way to pay overseas companies & suppliers directly from your U.S business bank account so you can do what you do best- running your business.

How It Works

Why It Works

American Express offers the foreign currency payment service and protection you want – including competitive exchange rates, an account manager assigned to your business, a global network and over 100 years of experience in foreign exchange payments.

SPECIAL OFFER: American Express merchants enjoy no American Express transaction fees on eligible international wire transfers for the first 6 months, then just $10 per transaction.* Click here for details.

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Terms & Conditions

*FX International Payments is a service of American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. (“American Express”). This service is not available to consumers. To enroll in this service, your business will be required to complete an application which is subject to review and approval by American Express. For a copy of the application, including terms and conditions, call 1-866-329-5298. If an American Express® Merchant applies for the FX International Payments service by January 1, 2014 and is approved by American Express, American Express will waive its transaction fee on foreign currency wire payments. This waiver may be discontinued by American Express at any time or in the event you cease to be an American Express Merchant. Wire payments in the same currency (e.g., USD to USD) are not eligible for this waiver. There is no minimum number of transactions in order to qualify for this waiver, but a minimum transaction size may apply, depending on the currency of the transaction. In some countries, the receiving bank may assess its own transaction fees on your wire payment. You recognize that, even if American Express does not charge you a transaction fee on your foreign currency wire payment, American Express may earn revenue from the foreign exchange transaction. Other fees may apply to products and services other than foreign currency wire payments.

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